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Global Content Creator




I can capture high quality imagery for use over social media & websites. 

Any collars will include providing you edited image for your unlimited future use. 

You can request types of images including:

  • People (me / if I have a friend)

  • Astrophotography at night

  • Landscapes 

  • Interior

  • Drone (where flying is allowed & not windy)

  • Local area

Rishabh Bhateja

I am 28 years old with years of experience creating content and promoting the tourism industry in NZ and abroad. Currently, I am a content creator running my personal social media channels with a decent following. In the past I have worked with serval tourism   companies and hotel chains.

My Gear
DSLR, GoPro, 360 Camera, Drone, Iphone 13 Pro, DJI Gimbal



Content is changing on social media and short form video is taking off - Instagram Reels and Youtube Shorts especially can go viral easily if done right. 

I have spent the past year growing my personal Instagram to 110k followers and was picked up by daily consistent effort of posting and engaging with my followers. 


As I travel around the World, I'm looking for cool places to stay and activities to do which I can capture and showcase across my social media channels - Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. 

Flick me a message or email if you would like me to come and capture your accommodation / activity. 

"Give your dreams the   wings to fly.... 

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