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Well, to put it in simple words: to transmute your frickin’ life. Yeah, that’s right. Studying abroad is genuinely a life-shifting experience. It’s an adventure that transforms you.

The most important thing I ever did in school? Study Abroad. I know it’s strange to go abroad, and everything seems fresh, weird and exciting at first. It takes several months for the shock to settle down, until you get to know everything and how it works. It takes a lot of time to get to grips with it.

You're going to laugh, you're going to learn, and you're going to live life to a degree you wouldn't have been able to. It’s a rollercoaster but we should not ignore the inconveniences of studying abroad. Not everything is sunshine and rainbows. Yet obstacles like yearning for home or culture shock that you'll face will avail you grow.

If you are tempted by the conception of leaving your comfort zone, daily routine and planning on an adventure, you have ended up in the correct spot.

This is what I have learned and experienced when I left my comfort zone and moved abroad:

1. Confidence 

Before studying abroad, I always lived at home and attended a school. I spent my childhood in the suburbs of Delhi. I always wanted to see something bigger than my own backyard.

My dad called me to UK for Study Abroad. I realised how capable I truly was on my own after my travels to Morocco and backpacking in Europe.

2. Travel 

I had never been out of the country (heck! I wasn't even out of my city). Studying Abroad gave me the chance to optically discern the world while I was still at school, without losing my education.

3. Openness / Expand your interest 

You might be a traveler or an engaging speaker, but you won't know until you try! You learn so many new things when you study abroad and find yourself in areas that you never would imagine. Try new things to discover what you really love.

4. Education 

Studying abroad provides the unique opportunity to learn something different, but from an entirely different perspective. Different cultures interact with the world in different ways and studying in a foreign university gives you an alternative perspective to your curriculum.

You can be super picky when you cull where you go and what to learn when visually examining foreign programs? You can plenarily dive into a program that focuses solely on your area of study. 

Intrigued with Interior Designing? Dive deeper into your degree with a program in Italy, one of the most biologically profound places in the world, like NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano college in Milan. One of my friend had an amazing experience there. Feel free to contact Design Canvas for interior designing work.

If you're calling for tourism, see the Study Abroad Program in New Zealand. I would recommend that you have a look at AUT University, which makes it ideal place for students in terms of lifestyles and experiences. Hemaan will be happy to share his NZ experience with you.

I opted to go to Cardiff and study business management in Cardiff Metropolitan University. The learning came not only from my Intensive Program, but also from experiencing the culture.

5. The value of friendship / Lifelong 

You get incredibly close to the other students who are from different countries. You live with them, study with them, party with them and share the whole experience with them. You create endless sweet memories but sadly it always comes with a good-bye at a certain point.

6. Independent / You will grow beyond your comfort zone

You will find yourself in uncomfortable situations when you leave behind everything that is comfortable. You will get to put yourself out there and take peril. You might get homesick and feel ready to run home to your mother—but you won’t.

Everything that seems so daunting at first will be resolved and you will know that you can face any obstacle in your path.

7. Appreciation for your home country / You will see your own culture in a new light

Sometimes you require to take a step back to get a view of what is authentically going on around you. After you visually perceive another way of living, you will have an incipient perspective on your own home and learn to appreciate what makes it unique.

8. Ultimate test

Is it right for you to travel long-term? I think that homesickness or even a cultural shock are the biggest hurtle to some people to surmount. While the traveler life sounds appealing but isn’t for everyone!

I know there can be loneliness with travel even now, after all my journeys. The best way to get an initial taste of international travel is to study abroad. I didn't obviously want to go back after my first trip abroad.

9. Resume 

When an employer visually examines your curriculum vitae and optically discerns that you have studied abroad, they’ll be intrigued. It gives an eye-catching sound. Once you get the interview (because we know you will, you industrious peregrinator), you can utilize your experiences to answer assuredly any question they throw at you. You’re a peril-taker,  a quandary solver, and a cross-cultural connoisseur.

10. Find yourself / It is a time of self-discovery

Studying abroad will avail you find yourself. Leaving your domicile and family means that you must rely more on yourself. You will see a side of yourself that you did not know you had by stretching the boundaries of your world and exploring new countries and cultures on your own.

My point of inditing this is, if you ever have the opportunity to study in foreign country: please do. You will never regret it - ever. Even if you go across the world, after one or two months it will start to feel like home.

Isn’t that comical and astonishing? You can pergrinate to another country and make it your home. Peregrinating can be a lot more difficult when your studies are over, so I highly recommend studying abroad even if you’re trepidacious.

I was trepidacious to death, and yet here I am doing great. I know, it's scary to make a change, but when you get over the anxiety, the awesomeness starts – I promise

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