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Recently one of my close friend messaged me and urged me to express my heart on social media.

 If you are new here reading this, then I want to say Hello!

How do you feel when your mobile phone die? Do you try to find the closest outlet, don’t you?

My daily life is wrapped in the best practises of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat stories. I make creative contents for my travel company (writing blogs, vlogs, travel stories) and on top of that, I run 3 more Instagram accounts. Not to mention, I have my own personal account too. That is insane. When I peregrinate internationally, I don’t get phone network, that way the only time I can check my phone is when I have Wifi. It’s the best because I want to fly to the top of a mountain and elude the online world.

My primary goal in life is to feel vibrant and alive, inside and out. Mentally, emotionally and physically. I’ve been unhappy enough to know that I only want joy and peace to surround and flow through me. Please DON’T compare yourself to my life or any other person you see on social media. You don’t know what they have been through and continue to go through.

I myself choose to show only the best version of myself on social media because it’s the real, raw outcome I get after pushing through crap days and situations. I live my life and it is trials the best I can, but I would never wish it upon anyone. Everyone is on their own journey and there is so much to admire about everyone.

Social media has convinced men and women to compare themselves with those they follow on social media and it creates self doubt, jealousy and sometimes hate. Take a stand against the stigma. Be who you are and own it.

As a single boy living in New Zealand on her own, it is facile to get caught up in the chapters of other people's lives, longing for a different season than the one I'm in. But, oh my goodness, this season of life has so much awesomeness to it. If you're single, and you're reading this, I'd just like to pause for a moment and say, life doesn't get away from you. Your life is already consummate before anyone else joins it.

Yes, I know there are some pretty incredible people in this world which you see daily on your social media. Dreamers and doers, creative and administrators, famous and unknown people, styled with long and short hair, lucky and unlucky people. But don’t forget the mantra to the heart: SELF LOVE, my sweet friend, because your mental health is just as important as anything else. Love all your quirks.

I know sometimes it gets tiring, but your friends who are jubilantly married and the friends who is travelling the world with their partner and the friends who have started their own company, and the list could go on, they’ve aspects of their lives that they wished looked different too. That is LIFE. Enjoy yours. Cherish the life you’ve been given, pursue those crazy dreams that are often only passing thoughts, and learn to write your own adventures instead of being caught in everyone else’s book (SOCIAL MEDIA REEL).

Your book and your adventure could very well be doing the dishes, making certain the kids are fed and working a 9-5 job; however, even the mundane, can be a beautiful book to read. Life is all about perspective and reading our lives in a way that recognizes what a gift we’ve been given. Enjoy the season that you are in and don’t get diverted by comparison of everyone’s highlight reel. I cerebrate we are the most ecstatic when we are living without diversion or by comparison.

Yes indeed, social media is a wondrous thing. I dote being “connected” with so many people. But, genuine connection transpires off-screen. So, my biggest mantra is to be present in the moment and social media later. I optate to find comeliness in the everyday mundane, and find connection through disconnection. Don’t forget TODAY is a gift, not tomorrow but TODAY. Can we appreciate the gift of the present?

While all of this may just be mumbo jumbo, I hope you've taken something away from this blogpost. I hope that you can look in the mirror and love what you see and enjoy the right now moment and create your own beautiful adventure.


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